Post baby body: part 02

fashio part 1

As mentioned in my previous post “Post body baby: part 01″ a post pregnancy body leaves a lot to be desired!

That post looks at the practical clothing solutions you can apply to try and feel and look smart in the workplace. This post takes a look at some other ideas to glam up your wardrobe and help you feel as confident as possible.


This is where we can have a lot of fun. Have I mentioned I like shoes?!

I love to wear a statement shoe with a plain outfit. As I mentioned above, right now I’m wearing A LOT of black. So in order to avoid looking like I’m in mourning for my pre baby body, I spice up my outfit with a daring shoe and a statement necklace – see accessories below.

Shoes should be bold, gutsy and courageous but NOT cheap looking, fake or look like they belong in a strip club. Remember, you need to wear these all day in the office, so avoid shoes that are slightly too small or very high in heel. I’m already 5 foot 8 inches, so I avoid anything over a 3.5 inch heel in the office. Men are intimidated enough by strong women, lets not scare them all off by towering over them too.

The majority of my shoes are bold and colourful, EXCEPT my new Christian Louboutins. They are classy, elegant and a classic court. They were a gift from my husband after having baby O and the fact I would be returning to work so early. The idea is when I wear them at work it reminds me how I can have it all – beautiful and healthy baby and a career.


After baby O was born, I used to joke to people that the only things I felt good in were shoes and necklaces. At the moment I have a real fetish for big chunky statement necklaces. They really glam up any outfit – and take the attention away from the lumps and bumps you may be trying to cover up.

Forever 21H&M and ASOS do some great accessories that won’t break the bank. If you’re interested, I have the following necklaces from these shops:


So there you go… some tips and tricks on how to look and feel glamorous and confident after having a baby.

Check out Post baby body: part 01 too!

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