Time Waits for No One

Time Waits

So I haven’t blogged in a while. Being both a new mum and a working-woman seems to be taking up most of my time!

Not only has Baby O reached three months it’s suddenly December too! So, it seems fitting that this blog should be about using your time “wisely.”

Some of the tips below have featured in my previous tweets and in a previous blog too, but here I am talking about specific advice, tips and my experience regarding time and how to make the most of it!


Online shopping
So as I mentioned, it’s December already! I’m actually going back to England for Christmas. I do love shopping but realistically I don’t have time to leisurely browse different shops selecting the perfect gift and then find room in my suitcase!

This year I have done ALL of my shopping online I would thoroughly recommend it:

  • You get to review your basket before buying – which means you don’t have to impulse/rush buy an item which you might do in a shopping mall
  • You can compare products from one site to another
  • You can keep track of what you have bought for whom – rather than (if you’re like me) get home with a mountain of shopping bags and realise you may have gone over board!
  • It is all delivered to a specified address. In my case, my mum and dad’s. This means I don’t have to try and find room in my suitcase!



Cooking double
I’m not a fast food takeaway type of person. I also don’t like microwave meals or grazing on “tit-bits” for dinner.

I like home cooked “proper” food. I guess it’s the way I was brought up! I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how important it is to eat healthily and well, now more than ever. Being a working mum who is on the go all the time requires some fuel!

So my tip is, if you’re cooking, cook double or triple! If you have big enough pans it makes no difference to you time wise to double the portions. Then freeze the left over food. That way when there are day/s that you are super super busy you can just microwave the frozen home cooked meals. Believe me, it makes SUCH a difference to your evenings and energy levels. Oh, and there’s less washing up too!

The hardest part about making extra is resisting having second portions. Be strong, particularly if you’re trying to lose the baby weight!


Baby time before work
I have started bathing Baby O in the morning. I know most people suggest bathing your baby in the evening, but for me that bath fun time in the morning is so important.

By bathing him before work I feel like I’ve really had some fun baby and mummy time, instead of just getting him up and dressing him and leaving him with the nanny.

So time wise, this may add to my morning routine (by twenty minutes), but I wouldn’t change it for the world.


Managing time at work
My final piece of advice is about managing time in the workplace. It’s more critical now more than ever to manage your time, so you can leave work and get home to your family.

I always write a list every morning before I start work about what I need to achieve and complete that day. Inevitably other ad hoc tasks will come up, so revaluate your list if you need to. What can you push back to tomorrow? What items can you delegate to your team?

I use a great App on my iPhone and iPad (it syncs across the two) called Do It (Tomorrow). I would definitely recommend it. And the bonus is it’s also free!

Socialising is a big factor at work, and in my role I need to be speaking to people across the company everyday to both nurture my relationships with my colleagues and make sure I know what’s going on. However, make sure you’re managing your social time and work time effectively. You don’t want to be the one staying late every evening because you haven’t finished your required tasks.


That’s it. I’m sure any working mum reading this will understand the importance of managing time and probably wishes there were more hours in the day! I know most days I certainly do!

Let me know your tips about managing time too.

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