Things I’ve noticed now that I’m a mum…

This is just a quick blog about the top five things I have noticed now I’m a mum. It’ll probably keep expanding as I experience and observe more things!

Clothes shops are not pram friendly
This must mean they’re also not wheelchair friendly either. You can’t walk down all the clothes aisles and lots of the shops don’t have disabled or changing rooms that you can fit a pram in.

You can achieve a lot with one arm
Us women have always been multi-taskers, but I am now an expert at typing, texting, taking calls, making toast and lots of over things whilst holding the baby in the other arm and swaying and soothing him.

Some people now only talk baby
Some people now only want to talk to be about the baby and ask how he is. They struggle to engage in conversation with me about anything else other than the baby. Don’t get me wrong, I could spend hours talking and cooing about him, but I am starting to wonder what I spoke to these people about before baby O came along!

Everything now looks like a risk
Baby O is just four months and obviously isn’t crawling yet, but I’m already looking around the villa and worrying about things that could create a dangerous situation! It’s starting to really worry me already…!

Leaving the house has become a mission
Before, if I decided to “nip out” I would literally do just that. Grab my flip-flops and car keys and off I would go. Now I have to change a nappy, feed O, pack spare clothes, nappies, food, bibs and muslins. Turn the car on and put they a/c on to cool it down, put O in the car seat, take an emergency dummy and more often than not, change my outfit as the baby has been sick on it after his feed!

Finally – usually one hour later – off I go. Then it’s quite likely that while I’m out I’ll then have to find a place that I can stop to give O a bottle too. What used to be a quick shopping trip is now a much more lengthy experience!

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