The pros and cons of returning to work early

Mum dashing with pram

Why it’s good to go back to work soon after having a baby:

  • You keep a sense of your own identity. You don’t become “just a mum”
  • You keep (most of) your confidence. Taking a considerable length of time off can make the return to work pretty daunting
  • You appreciate the evenings you share with your baby after work
  • You’re a role model to your baby – showing him or her your strength and drive
  • It has been suggested that babies will subconsciously understand and accept that you leave the house everyday, so making separation easier for nursery, school etc
  • There will inevitably be less financial strain

Why you should take as much maternity leave as possible:

  • You cannot help but feel guilty. For me it’s the drive to and from work that is the hardest
  • Leaving your baby when he or she has a little cold, teething etc on is like guilt on steroids
  • It’s mentally and physically exhausting being a career woman, wife and mum
  • Your hormones are still not “quite right” so small issues in the workplace may seem much harder to manage – I cried for the first time ever at work when I went back early
  • Baby brain – trying to hold meaningful conversations with colleagues or have valuable input in meetings can be a challenge
  • Feeling “corporate” or “professional” with leaking boobs and a wobbly belly takes it’s toll

Obviously the above is based on my own views and experience!

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