The morning jig and juggle

Juggling Mummy

Each morning I amaze myself at the intense routine that takes place!

For anyone who suggests that working women aren’t committed take a look at the below. My routine is probably very similar to any other mum but it is a wonder to me how I manage to get to work on time, dressed smartly and without baby excrement on me anywhere!

It all begins with my husband’s alarm going off. He gets washed, dressed, fed and leaves the house.

What happens next is the morning jig that sees me miraculously grow another pair of arms and juggle and spin mores plates in the air that the Chinese State Circus…

  • Shower
  • Get Baby O out of cot
  • Change nappy
  • Undress and wash him
  • Play
  • Prop him up in middle of bed to watch me get ready
  • Blow dry hair
  • Prop him back up from falling to the side
  • Do my (much needed) make-up
  • Feed him
  • Check work emails (during the bottle feed)
  • Burp him
  • Hold him down to squirt decongestant up his nose
  • Use that nose syringe thing to get all the mucus out (it’s a glam job being a mum)
  • Dress him
  • Dress me
  • Undress him and change dirty nappy
  • Feed me
  • Clean teeth
  • Take us both downstairs with spare bibs, clothes etc
  • Get his bottles ready for the day
  • Put out his food, bowl etc
  • Talk to nanny
  • Out the door

Now that may seem a lot, but if all goes to plan it can be pretty smooth EXCEPT WHEN Baby O….

  • Wees on your hairbrush that is laying on the bed and he’s having a bit of nappy off time
  • Wees on you and your work outfit when you lean over to give him a kiss and he’s having a bit of nappy off time
  • Is sick down back of work outfit when carrying him downstairs
  • Dribbles down back of work outfit when carrying him downstairs
  • Gets his dribbly fingers tangled up in freshly washed, brushed hair

And the additional breastfeeding gems:

  • Refusing to feed all morning and no time to express, which meant painful boobs all day at work
  • Refusing to feed all morning until I was dressed and ready to walk out the door, then deciding he was starving!

It’s a working day for me again tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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