The tribulations of being a working mum!

tough working mum

There are a squillion reasons why being a working mum is tough. To be honest – being a mum full stop is tough! But this post isn’t about whinging or whining about how hard it is. It’s more about acknowledging them and *hopefully* moving on!

The things that I find hard about being a working mum…

  • Hearing your baby boy cry from outside as you leave the house
  • Having to change your work clothes last minute due to dribble, baby breakfast etc finding its way onto you
  • Seeing the delight on your baby’s face when the nanny comes into the house. Totally heartbreaking
  • Missing bed time or seeing your baby in the evening because you have had to work late
  • The judgement from others that you’re not at home with your baby all day. It amazes me that people feel they can comment on your life
  • Leaving a poorly baby to go to work who just needs cuddles
  • Trying to function at work after a night of being awake due to baby illness, night feeds etc
  • Trying to function at work after a week of limited sleep due to baby illness, night feeds etc
  • Mid week social activities. I just want to get home to my little family after work
  • Controlling the emotions at work. Since having a baby I know I am definitely more emotional

An the real biggie for me…. I can’t seem to find that part of my brain or memory I know I definitely had before having a baby. Words, thoughts and creativity are more often than not at a loss! Not ideal really is it?!

I think that’s enough! I’ll send myself into a downward spiral if I’m not careful!

What would you add?


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One Comment on “The tribulations of being a working mum!”

  1. Jane Osborne
    July 17, 2013 at 3:50 pm #

    I definitely agree with the last comment re baby brain but sorry to inform you that it takes another dive when you hit the menopause. The men have no idea and don’t seem to want to understand the concept of ‘baby brain’.

    Being upset when hearing your baby cry or just not being there at the precise moment when you want or need to give comfort is always upsetting. It continues at every stage of your child’s life. Bringing up children doesn’t get easier as they get older, the problems just change. Remember that your child also needs to learn to learn to cope without you, tough but true. Who wants a ‘soft adult’?

    But still, what a job to be safeguarded with. Could any job be more challenging.
    Oh, to be a woman.

    J x

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