Society expectations and losing baby weight

Pregnant body

Most women at some point in their lives have been unhappy with their bodies. I don’t have a single friend who is 100 per cent happy with theirs. We always just want to lose a bit here and tone up there.

But if there is one time when you really should be kinder to yourself, it’s after having a baby.

We all know that society puts HUGE amounts of pressure on us ladies to lose baby weight. Even during pregnancy it’s hard not to feel puffed up and unattractive when all the pregnancy models are basically stick thin models with a fake bump shoved down their top. Not a swollen ankle, fingers too fat for wedding rings or bloated face to be seen.

Of course the latest public figure to hit the post baby body headlines is the Duchess of Cambridge.

Apparently Anna Botting of Sky News genuinely asked the question A DAY AFTER Kate had given birth: “Why does she still have a bump?”

It’s almost laughable!

I personally found the immediate post baby after effect on my body quite hard to deal with. Having your belly wobble when you laugh is never ideal. But the focus shouldn’t be, OR EVER BE, how to lose the baby weight as soon as you have a baby. It should be about bonding with that baby and eating WELL to ensure you have enough energy for your new little one.

Jo Swinson, the minister for women and equalities, spoke to The Sunday Times: “At a time when new mums are focused on building bonds with their newborns, the media unhelpfully churns out a set of impossible standards on losing baby weight within ridiculous timeframes.”

I do believe that you should set goals – but these need to be realistic goals with realistic time scales. It is not healthy to be back into your skinny jeans a week (or even a month) after you’ve given birth. Granted there are some fortunate women that this applies to… but that isn’t the norm.

Returning to work certainly puts pressure on you to lose weight, especially if you return to work within three months of having a baby.

So here are my quick tips to staying healthy and feeling comfortable in your own body after having a baby:

Eat well
You’re inevitably going to be tired from night feeds etc but try and eat regularly and stay hydrated.
Count nutrients and vitamins – not calories.
Ask for support with dinners etc from friends and family. You or your partner may not find the time to prepare home cooked foods yourself.

Invest in good underwear
Do buy underwear that supports you.
I was obsessed with Marks and Spencer full body support. I used to constantly wear them under my work clothes. If you are b-feeding, full body support also helps to support the fuller breast too!

Be kind on yourself
You have had a baby. WELL DONE.
Your body has nurtured and grown that amazing little human. That’s pretty magical RIGHT? So remember that when you’re giving your body a hard time!


Nine months ago (when Baby ) was just two months old, I wrote about my post baby body and gave some tips for how to dress for work. Check out my previous posts here:

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