You know you’re a working mum when…

You know you're a working mum when

Here’s the top ten things that spring to my mind. What would you add?

  1. You feel guilty when you’re not at home and guilty when you’re not at work
  2. You laugh in the face of those (without children) saying they’re tired because they were out partying on a work night
  3. You have had to resort to Skype or Gmail chat to say goodnight to your toddler as you’re going to miss bedtime
  4. You hold back the tears as you leave a screaming tearful child in the morning as you leave for work
  5. You hold back the tears when your toddler ignores you when you get home from work
  6. The day you leave work early for the nursery run is the day most of your senior colleagues “spot” you rushing out the door
  7. You have the constant feeling that you have forgotten to do/ pack/ order/ buy/ plan something
  8. You laugh so loudly (in your head) when friends and colleagues say they can’t wait to have time off and a break from work for maternity leave
  9. You clap a co-worker when he/she says something clever or funny –  the way you clap your child for learning a new word
  10. You have literally become an Olympic standard multi-tasker.

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