The working mum trespasser

UAE Mother's Day

Last Thursday my son’s nursery held a UAE Mother’s Day morning event. At first I said the classic – no, no, no. I couldn’t possibly go. I’m a working mum etc etc.

Then I stopped and thought about it. I haven’t been to one of these events before. I had an annual leave day that needed to be used up by the end of March. And I hated the thought of all the other mums being there, and O being by himself.

So I went.

In reality… O couldn’t care less whether I was there or not. He was off the whole time playing on the climbing frame with the other kids. I felt awkward and on the edge of the group. Like a trespasser looking in. All the other mums seemed to know each other.

I did speak to a few ladies who have children in O’s class. We just seemed to speak about the children – but I guess that’s the common ground to start with right?

I wasn’t overly enamoured with one of the ladies who so thoughtfully pointed out: “Yes. We always know the children who have mums that work, as the children are always alone at events like this.”

As I said, I wouldn’t say O would exactly ever be “alone” at those type of events. He was surrounded by other manic toddlers careering around!

It has put my mind at rest though knowing about the set up of the event and how inclusive they are. But will I be going to the next one? Watch this space!

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