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How to eat “well” by Toddler O

Forget Paleo diets, only eating organic or the food goddess that is Annabelle Karmel, here’s THE definitive eating plan as modelled and implemented by Toddler O: Become obsessed with peanut butter on toast and peanut butter sandwiches. This is especially useful if your nursery is a no peanut zone meaning you can’t be packed off […]

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To the lady that shushed my toddler…

To the lady in Jones the Grocer yesterday Thank you loudly shushing my toddler Yes he is 20 months old so should really know better I know I am a terrible mother for letting him make noise and experimenting with his cutlery Whilst eating his food Thank you for being so understanding And passing your smug […]

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The nitty gritty of a C-Section

My son was delivered by c-section. It was a planned operation that was scheduled for 39 weeks. However, I went into labour at 36 weeks plus 4… so he was a little earlier than expected. If you’re thinking about having a caesarean, here’s some things about the operation and recovery that I can share: Be […]

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what not to say to a pregnant lady

What not to say to a pregnant lady…

I think we’ve all experienced most of these. TBH the list is endless… here are the most common annoyances said to me: Sleep now. You’re not going to get much for the next [insert number] years Yes I am fully aware of the commitments of raising a baby and child. Our generations and generations before […]

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Flying with a baby

Flying with a baby

As an expat, it’s inevitable that you fly a lot. This can be exhausting at the best of times, let alone with a baby. Before Baby O was even one year old he had travelled on an aeroplane with us TEN TIMES! So here are my tips and tricks for flying with a baby: Book […]

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Pregnant body

Society expectations and losing baby weight

Most women at some point in their lives have been unhappy with their bodies. I don’t have a single friend who is 100 per cent happy with theirs. We always just want to lose a bit here and tone up there. But if there is one time when you really should be kinder to yourself, […]

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Confessions of a working mum…

I don’t always give Baby O a bath everyday I hold back the tears as I drive to work most days I pretend I already know about O’s “firsts” (standing up etc) when the nanny tells me I eat Baby O’s food as I’m batch cooking it (salmon with leeks and butter is amazing) He […]

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Six Senses Zighy Bay

Will I ever be able to switch off?

A few weekends ago we had a mini-break at Six Senses Zighy Bay in Oman with the out-laws. As an ex-pat one of my priorities is making sure that Baby O sees his grandparents as much as possible, and it was wonderful seeing them all interact so much together. At eight months he’s already developing quite a little character […]

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Husband S and Baby O

Responsibiliy free (for four days)

As I write this latest blog I am sitting on an aeroplane on a Saturday on the way to Frankfurt in Germany for work. I have pretty mixed feelings and emotions about this trip, but as Sheryl Sanberg of Lean In says: “don’t leave before you leave.” This is a great opportunity for me on […]

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Three, two, one…. BUNGEEEEEE

Last week both Baby O and I took a dive. His leap was, thank goodness, rather lower than mine. Baby O fell off the bed. I didn’t ever think I would be one of “those mums.” I am more ashamed of my pre-judgement compared to what actually happened. I was kidding myself that I would […]

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